First Columbia Booklet.


 The booklet has 8 pages, octavo size: that is, 5” (12.7cm) wide, 8” (20.3cm) tall. It is printed in brown ink on glazed paper.  The Morse symbols are given as usual, except that the dashes are vertical. The eye takes them in better that way, as we are informed on page 1. This method also saves a great deal of space, as there’s really quite a lot of text contained on these sides. Note at the bottom of the back page, what is presumably a printer’s reference number, which contains ‘7/36’, which surely must mean printed, or at least ordered, in July 1936. We have two copies of this leaflet, both with this date. 13 years is quite a respectable minimum life-span for this set!


1. Page 1


2. Page 2


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8. Page 8




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