Henry James Metcalfe


1835 - 1906


Text of article in Metcalfe’s Musical Express, June 1885, re. the International Musical Congress in Antwerp.




The attention of our readers is called to the above important event, which takes place at Antwerp, Belgium, on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of August next. The Congress has for its end the unification of scientific views, at appertaining to the musical world ; to attain this object the Congress is divided into four sections, as follows :


FIRST SECTION.—General questions touch­ing the Æsthetical and Critical Philosophy of Music, the History of Music, and the re­lations which Poetry and Literature bear to Music. In this section eleven papers will be read by Mr. R. Benfey, Vienna; Mr. J. Javelot, Paris ; M. Alberdingh-Thym, Lou­vain ; CHARLES G. C. DUNBAR, D.D., Lon­don ; Madame Anna Benfey, Vienna; Madame M. J. Ronniger, London ; Mr. E. Jackson, Scarborough; Mr. A. Montanelli, Carrare ; Mr. Stanislas Gabel, St. Petersburgh ; Mr. Henry Bauer, Paris ; Mr. Edm. Savary, Jersey ; Mr. Albert Ferrand, Paris ; Mr. L. Mastrigli, Rome.


SECOND SECTION.—General questions bear­ing on the Teaching of Musical Education. In this section fifteen papers will be read by Mr. Oscar Berggruen, Vienna Mr. M. J. RONNIGER, London; Mr. C. Hebbel, Antwerp; Mr. J. Hartog, Amsterdam ; Mr. A. Charles, Brussels; Mr. O. Tiersch, Berlin ; Mr. J. Walbrul, Bon ; Mr. W. A. BARRETT, London: Mr. Edm. Savary, Jersey; Mr. Daniel De Lange, Amsterdam ; Mr. Ed. Gregoir, Antwerp ; Mr. M. Hageman, Amsterdam: Mr. A. Cornette, Antwerp; Mr. Ed. Horak, Vienna; Mr. H. Schroder, Berlin ; Mr. Romeu, Marseilles ; Mr. Bern Tayoux, Paris. Mr. E. Verrees, Antwerp; Mr. O. De Lagoanere, Paris ; Mr. A. Leonard, Brussels; Mr. M. Ruta, Naples ; Mr. J. Walbrul, Bonn ; Mr. H. J. METCALFE, Wolverhamp­ton ; Mr. Ch. Weyler, Antwerp ; Madame M J RONNINGER, London ; Mr. L. Mastrigli, Rome ; Mr. J. S. CURWEN, London ; Mr. M. Hagerman, Amsterdam ; Mr. Edouard Bartay, Budapest ;  Mr. W. A. BARRETT, London ; Mr. J. S. K. Hamm, Venlo.


THIRD SECTION.—General questions bear­ing on the Correct Rendering of the Science of Music. In this section six papers will be read by Mr. H. BURGESS, Walthamstow ; .Mr. J. Karlowicz, Heidelberg; Mr. Samuel David, Paris ; Mr. O. Tiersch, Berlin ; Mr. Hamm, Venlo ; Mr. Edm. Savary, Jersey ; M. Alex. W. A. Heyblom, Rotterdam ; Mr. Paul De Wit, Leipzig ; Mr. A. Montanelli,  Carrare ; Mr. Ch. Merrens, Brussels ; Mr. 0. Berggruen, Vienna ; Mr. G. Hollaender, Cologne ; Mr. A. D. DUVIVIER, London; Mr. Ben Tayoux, Paris; Mr. J. Ed. Croegaert, Antwerp.


FOURTH SECTION,—Questions bearing upon International Musical Relations, Rights of Authors, Copyrights, etc., etc. In this section four papers will be read by Mr. Samuel David, Paris; Mr. 0. Berggruen, Vienna ; Mr. Ben Tayoux, Paris Mr. A. J. Le Bailly, Paris ; Mr. G. Hollaender, Cologne ; Mr. A. Durand, Paris; Mr. J. Javelot, Paris ; Mr. Cattreux, Brussels; Mr. B. Bessel, St. Petersburgh ; Mr. Ed. De Hartog, Wiesbaden; Mr. Samuel David, Paris ; Mr. A. Cahen, Paris.


The papers will be discussed by all the adherent members present.


The meetings will be held in the Grand Hall of the Cerele Artistique, Litteraire and Scientifique, of Antwerp, on the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th of August, 1885.


The Committee of Organisation contains three Presidents of Honour, Three working Presidents, Peter Benoit, Franz Lutens, and Leon De Burbure, two Secretaries, and twenty-five Committee-men, which includes all the high Musical names of Antwerp.


A brilliant success is certain to attend the Congress, and every possible attention will I)e bestowed upon the hundreds of Musical s rangers, who, during these eventful days, will flood Antwerp from all parts of Europe, the organisation for visiting the Congress being highly studied by the Musical Assoc­iations on the Continent.




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